Sam’s Denim Club

Fabric Avenue has been serving the garment industry in Los Angeles for over 25 years. Conveniently located just 1.7 miles from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles famed Downtown’s Fashion and the Arts District’s. At our location, you will discover the no hassle ‘free’ parking that is just steps from our showroom entrance. There you will be quickly greeted by someone from our professional staff dedicated to providing you with the highest level of personalized service to ensure you are always 100% satisfied.

DNA ECHO98% Cotton, 2% Spnx8,52318,523.00USA
Montebello Python98% Cotton, 2% Spnx4,31914,319.00Italy
Montebello Margarita98% Cotton, 2% Spnx3,18213,182.00Italy
Montebello Caipirosca98% Cotton, 2% Spnx2,86712,867.00Italy
Candiani 963198% Cotton, 2% Spnx2,29413,294.00Italy
Candiani 990198% Cotton, 2% Spnx2,36212,362.00Italy
Candiani 193398% Cotton, 2% Spnx2,02712,027.00Italy
Cone 891098% Cotton, 2% Spnx1,43711,437.00USA
DNA Lennin 356298% Cotton, 2% Spnx1,19711,197.00USA
DNA 9361298% Cotton, 2% Spnx1,28011,280.00USA
Orta Can Conf98% Cotton, 2% Spnx8431843Turky
Candiani 553398% Cotton, 2% Spnx972.21972.2Italy
DNM 10 OZ100% Cotton45,000145,000.00China
Dnm 14 OZ100% Cotton50,000150,000.00China
CONE 03398% Cotton, 2% Spnx8,00018,000.00USA
RR993298% Cotton, 2% Spnx18,000118,000.00Italy